Ralph got a new phone, but its an android! Wait, what?!

This past week, I was given a work cell phone. But when it was being assigned I had the option to get an Apple iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy. I have been an iPhone user for many years now, so I decided to give the Samsung Galaxy S8+ a shot and give myself a chance to learn. I know, I know … most of you know me as your go-to Apple guy. Especially since I worked for Apple for close to 7 years which just finished recently, but also being an Apple user for the last 12 years, and probably because I have likely helped you with your devices in one way or form. But as I always tell people, though I really do love Apple products; I am still a fan of technology in general and how each type can change the way we do things in our life.

So here I am, an iPhone user since 2009 that has never used an Android device more than a couple minutes at a time, about to go into this foreign world of Android devices. Let’s see how this goes for me.

Over the next month I will be trying to document as much as possible about what I come to learn about Android, and Samsung devices in general. There will be a lot of confusion, frustration, and other issues I find, but hopefully I can find a lot of good things and fun things as well! Be sure to check back every once and a while or subscribe to my site to stay updated. I will have this phone for longer than a month and may post more afterwards, but I am currently more interested in the learning curve and the different options I have on Android.

If you have any suggestions on why you love your Android/Samsung device, please let me know so I can explore those as well! Here we go!