Mass and Farmers Market [39/365]

Today I got to hang out with my friend Anna! We started off the day with 9am mass and had some breakfast walking around the Campbell Farmers Market. We had some good Hawaiian sliders, some organic juices, and tried some clam chowders and crepes. I also bought some fresh fruit and she got some cold brewed coffee. Good times!

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Japanese Gardens [38/365]

For today since I had the car I wanted to go see some of the botanical gardens in the area, so I picked the two Japanese Gardens in the area. I took my coworker Chris with me since we enjoyed the Japanese garden in SF. The free one in San Jose was nice, but the one in Saratoga was pretty spectacular.

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Run! Zombies! [34/365]

So today I restarted my training for my half marathons coming up in a short three months. So to start it off I tried a new app today. I don’t think it worked but I might not have set it up correctly. I didn’t have any zombies chase me. I’ll retry later this week.

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Muir Woods [32/365]

Today I invited a couple coworkers with me to go to Muir Woods to go for a hike and take some pictures over at the Golden Gate Bridge. We did a nice little 1.5 mile hike and back in the woods for some awesome and fun views of the forest and reached just below the canopies of the trees. Then headed over to Marin Headlands for a few photo opportunities.

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