Muir Woods [32/365]

Today I invited a couple coworkers with me to go to Muir Woods to go for a hike and take some pictures over at the Golden Gate Bridge. We did a nice little 1.5 mile hike and back in the woods for some awesome and fun views of the forest and reached just below the canopies of the trees. Then headed over to Marin Headlands for a few photo opportunities.

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Productive Creativity Day [25/365]

I have been meaning to get this project done in a while, but I finally took a day to relax in the hotel and actually get to work on it. So I popped up Plex to watch some tv, brought up iMovie, and busted out the paint for a couple hours to put in some work! These are my artistic tools: iPad mini, MacBook Pro Retina, and some paints. It’s actually my first time really trying to use paint for something.

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Adventures in San Francisco [24/365]

Today was an amazingly surprising and fun day. My plan for the day was to go out to the city of San Francisco and take some touristy pictures. I wanted to stop by and take a picture at the Painted Ladies, walk around Golden Gate Park, take pictures on both sides of the Golden Gate Bridge, and maybe even walk around Muir Woods. It didn’t quite go that way, almost but not really.

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